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When I was a little girl my mom told me I always wanted a farm. Since then I have dreamed of living this experience. I want to share this experience with you in hopes you enjoy the peace and quiet as you engage with these amazing animals and the the love they bring to your heart is something that can not put into words, you just have to experience it. If you want to further your experience overnight in our Grain Cottage see

Hiking & History with Highland Cows

We will meet at the front porch to of the historic farm house where we will share about how they lived live here at the turn of the century. We will then start our hike throughout the property. We will start at the top of the field and start out walking around our old pecan trees, then heading into the forest and around the pastures exploring the forest with our highland cows in the pastures along the way. We will share with you about the breed of cows we have and what they are known for. We will explore how they interact with each of us their mannerisms and irresistible cuteness. While circling the pastures we have other animals you may interact with that include 2 Scottish highland cows and their 2 calves who were born in spring 2019 our goats and our sweet rescue horse Eli &livestock guardian dogs, and barn cats. We will end our visit at the east pasture sharing treats with the animals sharing our time in the forests with them. Ending our time with hot tea, coffee, and snacks.

2 hours

Hike, Pick, & Play

Enjoy a short hike around the pastures and property. Pick a basket seasonal ripe produce, and play with farm animals (Highland Cows, Nubian goats, Horse, Great Pyrenees dogs, and barn cats) Currently unavailable during off season

2 hours

Hike & Yoga on the Farm

Enjoy a short hike around the pastures and property. Enjoy a gentle yoga class (bring your own yoga mat) Then visit with the Highland Cows, Nubian goats, Eli our rescue horse, Great Pyrenees our livestock guardian dogs, and our barn cats. Enjoy some tea and shopping farm merchandise (seasonal produce, and highland cow

2 hours

Historic Home & Farm Tour

Meet us on the front porch of the historic farm house. Our tour will start there touring the home and learning of the the stories of the families who once lived here. We will then visit with our Highland Coos where we will share about the breed and enjoy petting and grooming, and giving them treats. After our visit enjoying the animals come up to the house where we will have some coffee, tea and snacks waiting for you

1.5 hours

Hike & Play with Highland Cow

Enjoy a short hike (moderate activity) around the pastures and property enjoying the forest. pastures & nature here on the farm. Then play with farm animals (Highland Cows, Nubian goats, Horse, Great Pyrenees dogs, and barn cats) This is a great tour for children Tours are by appointment only. Children 2 and under free. Children must be supervised at all times. Please wear closed toe hiking shoes, and shoes for visit with animals.

1.5 hou