Meet the Owners


New Beginnings Started With Them

By admiring each other’s character and faith, love grew from friendship for John and Sheri Crenshaw. John is a natural builder, his hands were given the gift of building structure. Sheri, as a former massage therapist and nurse, has a passion for healing. This beautiful home was John and Sheri’s new beginning after marrying in the summer of 2013. Their love sprouted from the floorboards after buying the historic farm. With six kids between them, young, creative energy fills the fields surrounding the home.

Through patience and dedication, John and Sheri decided to open up their historic farmhouse to the community. The historic farm now serves as a farm wedding venue in NC and welcomes guests from across the country for destination rustic NC weddings. The beauty of the area is breathtaking. At dawn, sunlight shines through the barn shutters and the horses neigh with the anticipation of guests arriving. The family opens their arms to all who find themselves here with a desire for new beginnings.