Mountain MicroWedding in North Carolina

Could a micro wedding be the right fit for your event?

That depends! If you are…

  • Looking for an event that is laid-back and low pressure
  • Are an introvert, or at least feel like having a private and intimate occasion
  • Want an event that’s nice but affordable, and something that won’t put you or your family into debt
  • Want something genuine and meaningful to you and your partner
  • Are ok with only having a handful of your nearest and dearest there to witness your I Do’s
  • Want a traditional wedding without the 30,000 price tag
  • Are wanting a guest count of 5o of less
  • Are looking for low stress, minimal planning
  • Are looking for a unique wedding experience
  • Are preparing to buy a home
  • Couples that are prioritizing funds for their dream honeymoon                                                             …..then a micro wedding may be the perfect option for you!

Couples who want more of the traditional aspects than an elopement can provide. So what is a Micro wedding? Think of these miniature events as a cross between a traditional wedding and an elopement. They have the elements and elegance of the former with the affordability and intimacy of the latter. They are also perfect for vow renewals and destination weddings! Both packages feature almost everything you need to make your amazing day laid back and beautiful.  In addition, we give you access to an amazing team dedicated to making your wedding experience relaxed and your event personalized and breathtaking.

Great for introverts

Do you hate being in the spotlight? Or do you get overwhelmed around lots of people easily? If so, a micro wedding might be a great option for your wedding event.

A few years ago we had a groom that hated the thought of being the center of attention for such an important life moment. So he and his bride booked a wedding for just the two of them. They got married in private in a small garden, ate some cake and then had fun taking adorable wedding photos with the highland cows, and goats on the farm, in the turn of century farm house. They even got to enjoy a lovely stay doing outdoor adventuring in the area. When they returned home they planned a casual get-together for all their friends and family. That was a great way to include those they loved in the celebration without all the added pressure. It was perfect for them and their need for an intimate and low stress event.

Even if you are an outgoing person and don’t mind being the center of attention, weddings can bring a lot of stress and pressure from outside sources. The more people are involved the more complicated things can get. And especially with certain people having set ideas about what a wedding should be.

Ideally, your day should be what you want it to be and not what others are expecting. But if you are prone to feeling pressure from others’ expectations (like the majority of us), then that can cause a lot of tension.

The good news is that micro weddings are more outside of the box. They are great way to throw whatever traditions you want out the window, keeping what elements you want to keep and creatively reinventing the rest. There is a greater chance that the people close enough to you to be invited will go with the flow you’ve created. The rest won’t be there to judge.Want to do something a little bit different? Then pick a our mountain destination and go! Micro weddings are a great way to create an awesome and affordable wedding experience with your closest friends and family. You can choose a favorite vacation place or somewhere you haven’t been before. Make it into a long weekend occasion with outdoor adventures and cultural outings in Lake Lure, North Carolina. Explore a new place, or just hang out somewhere relaxing and have a good time celebrating with those closest to you.

Micro Wedding packages can save you time and energy

Maybe you have oodles of time to spare. Or perhaps you’ve been planning every detail of your wedding since you were 5 years old. But chances are that you are a busy person with lots of other things going on in your life. Whether this is your first or third wedding, or even a vow renewal, it is likely that you want some help with bringing your event together.

If you can find a place that does micro wedding packages then you are already most of the way done with your planning! These can provide anything from lodging to ceremony plus reception dinner to full coordinating. For example, at New Beginnings Historic Farm we offer Micro wedding packages that include ceremony, reception, cake, flowers, food, photography, decorations, vintage china, and Day of Coordinator. Give us a call to set up a tour!


Planning a wedding with less stress

Inside Outside weddings venue North CarolinaEveryone knows that planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming. Some brides live for this time in their engagement, while others may dislike the very thought of it. Planning a wedding of your dreams is possible to do and to make it enjoyable as well. We are here to offer you some tips to help make it an easy and enjoyable process.

Focus on one task at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. If you are in a time crunch go ahead and delegate someone tasks to help you. This person can also be the point person for your day of the wedding so you do not have to be bothered other than enjoying your day.

Get inspired by visiting pinterest to get get ideas for your big day. Think about what you want your wedding to think and feel. Are you going for a super classic or vintage rustic? Start viewing Instagram, pinterest wedding websites. Start considering color schemes, decor ideas, and more.

Start your guest list and pick your wedding party. This being an important to narrow down so you know before you start looking at venues and what they are able to accommodate in guests. Use this time to decide who will stand by your side on the big day your wedding party.

When choosing a venue read online reviews to venues you are interested in touring. Visit in person and work with your partner to find the your dream wedding location. Once you have secured your date with your venue the real fun begins with planning your wedding.

Choose  a venue with All Inclusive services to save time when hiring your vendors. For example New Beginnings Historic Farm offers not only an amazing landscape and historical site but also includes chairs and tables as a part of their rental of the venue. They also rent out items such linens, decorations packages, audio & video, mix matched china as a part of the venue rental. In addition they offer what we would call a “Day of Interview” where you can meet all your vendors in one day and do the majority of your wedding planning in one day with their staff guiding you. This saves you an amazing amount of time that you would have otherwise had to do on your own. The vendors are vetted but in addition the venue has negotiated better rates with these vendors on your behalf. Another benefit with planning your wedding with New Farms is Included in all of their wedding packages is a day of coordinator who rehearses with the bridal party and directs the time line of the day.

There is no shame is asking for help. Your friends and family are there for you are excited about your upcoming wedding as well! Let them give you you a hand.

Be realistic in your planning. There is something beautiful and elegant about simplicity that allows your true personality of your wedding show thru.

Evite are great option to efficiently invite your friends and family to your wedding. Evites are easily customizable to your wedding theme and are quick, easy and delivered directly to your guests’ inboxes. You will receive responses faster and email is a great way to get in touch with people.

Will you need to decorate a lot or a little. Is the space gorgeous by itself with its natural beauty. Adding unique and personal touches to show your personality and style is what you want. With extensive experience New Beginnings Historic Farm is uniquely equipped to help you express your wedding vision. Whether it be traditional or trend-setting, have short or long engagement, we will work with you closely together to create a wedding day that reflects your personalities and delights your guests.

We have a few open dates that remain for 2020

Elegant, Vintage, Rustic, shabby chic event space

Tables, chairs, included in rental

In house catering available and trusted vendor referrals

Learn more about our packages and rates >>>>


Agritourism Marketing Grant

New Beginnings Historic Farm is blessed to have been awarded a marketing cost share from the  North Carolina Agritourism Marketing Grant made possible by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund. This is really helpful to promote our projects we have this year for the farm. We are thrilled and can’t wait to see how this helps us move forward as a farm and gain exposure in the community.

We just added our farm stand to our property. It is a self service Farm Stand. Where we have eggs, flowers, herbs, muscadines, green peppers. It has been exciting decorating it and adding our harvest so far.

Visti Nc Farms

Lake Lure Wedding Guide

Please see us in the Lake Lure Wedding Guide Click below to view

Kirsten and Dustin July 9th, 2016

Kirsten and Dustin tied the knot at the farm. It was a special day for them and us not just because it was their wedding day but having the wedding here at New Beginnings had many memories attached to it for Kirsten. Kirsten’s great grandmother Sylvia Biggerstaff once lived here with her husband Jo Biggerstaff. They farmed the land for many years making memories with their family. Kirsten always dreamed of having her wedding here but the house had been sold out of the family. That is when providence stepped in and Kirsten waited on us one day and we started talking about where we lived. We were both surprised and the rest is history. It was an amazing opportunity to have her and the family here and hear the many stories they had to share about this old farm stead. It does not get better than that. We felt so honored and blessed. Here is to many happy years to them both and we hope they continue to come back and visit us!


Ashley & Nick July 30th, 2016

Ashley and Nick embracing on their first dance


Corrine and Erin October 16th, 2016

Lacie and Justin Wedding October 29th, 2016

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Carly & John Thomas Wedding took place on October 22nd, 2016.

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Marah & Peter Wedding September 10th, 2016

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