Kirsten and Dustin July 9th, 2016

Kirsten and Dustin tied the knot at the farm. It was a special day for them and us not just because it was their wedding day but having the wedding here at New Beginnings had many memories attached to it for Kirsten. Kirsten’s great grandmother Sylvia Biggerstaff once lived here with her husband Jo Biggerstaff. They farmed the land for many years making memories with their family. Kirsten always dreamed of having her wedding here but the house had been sold out of the family. That is when providence stepped in and Kirsten waited on us one day and we started talking about where we lived. We were both surprised and the rest is history. It was an amazing opportunity to have her and the family here and hear the many stories they had to share about this old farm stead. It does not get better than that. We felt so honored and blessed. Here is to many happy years to them both and we hope they continue to come back and visit us!